3D Gaming in the Classroom


Mission Maker

Mission Maker

3D computer games in schools provide a hugely stimulating way to learn.

MissionMaker allows students to create visually 3D rich worlds for first-person ‘Missions’ – complete with backdrops, animated characters, dialogue, music and video music. Students can:

  • Mission Maker has an extensive object library to create a unique game world
  • Create and and customise 3D characters
  • import music, graphics and video
  • Students set the rules for game play.

learning outcomes & benefits

  • Instantly appealing learning medium.
  • Mission Maker encourages strategic thinking and planning.
  • Builds interpretive and narrative skills.
  • Helps motivate disaffected students.

Examination Relevance

Games, Game Engines and Design has been endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR Certificate/Diploma in iMedia specification. This teacher resource provides step-by-step ideas to support teaching of the game units in the iMedia course.

I have trained both Teachers and Students in the use of Mission Maker and can come to your school to train your staff in the use of this innovative package. I will personally explain to you some of the more advanced features of the game and some the pitfalls you might face when delivering Mission Maker.


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Contact Phil Gregory at 3 Shires Media

Contact Phil Gregory at 3 Shires Media

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