Have you ever fancied doing some green screen (Chroma Key) video work in your school?

It is simply the process of replacing the existing background of a piece of video footage with an alternate image or video sequence.

Good examples of Chroma Keying in everyday life are News and Weather programs. News Readers often have either a dynamic background behind them, or film footage of a news room.

I have got lots of experience of using Green and Blue Screen effects in classrooms.  I can bring a portable Green Screen to your School, and show you how to shoot and edit video footage, so that your students can have interesting backdrops or dynamic moving video behind them as they act.

Create a Weather repot using a Greenscreen.

It doesn’t matter whether you have P.C’s or Macs in your Classroom I can show you how to  Green Screen using iMovie, Final Cut Pro/Express or Adobe Premier.

Drama Teacher Learns Chromakeying in iMovie

Drama Teacher Learns Chroma keying in iMovie


This technique has many great uses across the curriculum such as.

  • English -Book Reports
  • Science / Maths – Revision Materials
  • MFL – Role Play situations
  • Dance /Drama Productions
  • Music Video
  • BBC School Report
  • Video Podcasts (Vodcast)
  • Video Newsletters
  • Best Practise Video

So, if you want to give your students the edge in simple video production, get in touch.


Contact Phil Gregory at 3 Shires Media

Contact Phil Gregory at 3 Shires Media

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Phil Gregory

Phil Gregory is a Web Marketing Consultant. Specialising in SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Previously he worked in Education as an ICT Trainer delivering I.C.T / Audio/Visual solutions for Education and Business. Connect with Phil on Social
Phil Gregory
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