If you have been reading recent posts you will know that we have been looking for a suitable blogging platform so that classes can keep a blog that is moderated by teachers.

Although we liked blogger for its style and features we recognised that not all teachers have the technical know how to set up a blog on their own server. If you dont host your blog on your own server then blogger blogs link to other blogs on the network, some of those may contain material unsuitable for minors.

So we found Edublogs a much safer option. Edublogs however, proved rather tricky to get started with. I have created this tutorial to guide you through the set up process. Although it is a little tricky to get started, once the job is done you will have a brilliant and flourishing blog that provided a safe environment for teacher and students to interact.

You will need Flash Player 9 or higher installed to view this tutorial

Video Tutorial – How to Get started with Edublogs
Video Tutorial – Getting Started with Edublogs

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Phil Gregory

Phil Gregory is a Web Marketing Consultant. Specialising in SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Previously he worked in Education as an ICT Trainer delivering I.C.T / Audio/Visual solutions for Education and Business. Connect with Phil on Social
Phil Gregory
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