DiDA Modules D201, D202 and D203.

P Gregory will assist teachers in demonstrating the software to be used, as well as explaning fundamental web design principles.

This post is designed to provide handouts and tutorials given during the course. Pupils and Staff are free to comment and ask any questions reagrding the use of the software to meet the qualification criteria.


You will need Flash Player, and sound installed to watch these Tutorials.

1. How to set up your site in Dreamweaver 8

This is a video tute of how to get your site set up in DW8. Any problems, let me know.

2. Create a new Page in DreamWeaver 8

3. Customise your Toolset in Dreamweaver 8

Teacher Link: Edexcel Homepage -DiDA

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Phil Gregory

Phil Gregory is a Web Marketing Consultant. Specialising in SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Previously he worked in Education as an ICT Trainer delivering I.C.T / Audio/Visual solutions for Education and Business. Connect with Phil on Social
Phil Gregory
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anywone used a specifc package to make the DiDA ePortfolios? I’ve seen there is one called http://www.didafolio.com – has anyone used this?

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