Teachers who use iPad are always looking for simple ways to allow students to upload their work to a cloud drive with plenty of storage space.
Dav-Pocket is a surprisingly simple WebDAV server which allows you access to Google Docs. When using Pages, Keynote & Numbers

1) Sign up with Pocket Dav. http://dav-pocket.appspot.com/  . Click the “Sign up” Button, to create an account .

2) Google Login

If your account has been successfully created, you will see the link “Authorize DAV-pocket service” in the first page. Click the link and you will be taken to Google Account sign in page.

Create an Account

Create an Account

Link this
Fig:1 Fig: 2


3. Sign in with your Google Account. Then you will see the page below.  This is the page for authorising DAV-pocket to access Google Docs.


 Fig: 3

  • On this page, you will see 2 icons labeled ‘Google Docs’ as the products for which DAV-pocket is requesting access to your Google Account. The first one is for Google Docs and the second one is for Google SpreadSheets.
  • Click “Grant access” and you will be taken back to the user settings page in this site.
  • Now you can access Google Docs via WebDAV using your DAV-pocket account.



4) Now open one of your iWork apps, I’m using pages.  Then click on the Spanner/Wrench icon to open the tools menu.  Click Share and Print


Save to Webdav

Save to WebDav


5)  Then click Copy to Webdav

Choose Copy to WebDAV

Choose Copy to WebDAV


6) Then you will be asked to sign in with your DAV-pocket username and password.  As soon as you do this your document will then upload to google Docs.

Add your Username and Password

Add your Username and Password

Thats it, all done. I cannot take credit for finding this resource.  That honour  goes to my friend and Colleague, Vanja Milovanovic. Thanks for sharing Vanja, hopefully my tutorial will make it easy for people to try.

Download in PDF Format

Download this tutorial as a PDF


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