Podcasting in Schools

Podcasting Lessons

Podcasting Lessons

I still meet teachers who don’t know what a podcast is, and they ask me

“why would we want to do it in our schools”?

Podcasting is doing for audio on the web what blogging has done for text – making the production and sharing of audio available to all.  It is putting the means of production in the hands of the many.

For schools, it offers the chance to provide lessons and learning opportunities in a way more likely to engage students than more traditional methods and can help reach children outside the classroom (for whatever reason). Podcasting isn’t about to replace teachers, but it could help them out a little.

  • Podcasts are a great way of telling children and parents what is going on at your school,
  • Podcasts help children share their work and enthusiasms, of sharing lesson plans and, possibly most importantly, sharing lessons – allowing pupils outside the school walls to learn other related content.
  • Podcasts give  pupils the chance to listen again to what the teacher said and to recheck those notes.
  • Podcasts make it easier for non-English native speakers to re-listen to a lesson without the distractions that may make instant translation difficult.
  • Podcasting can also mean that you can cover the basics without wasting classroom time.

You will quickly find that once your students have an audience, the only limit is that of their imagination.

Extracts from:Jimmy Leach Guardian
Phil Gregory will come out to your school ensure that you have the correct facilities.  Enable your technician to install the software and deliver training to your staff and students.   Phil Works on Both Windows and Macintosh Platforms.


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