Blogging in Schools

Student updating his blog

Student updating his blog

I have always taken blogging seriously.  So seriously, that practically every website I make these days has a blog.  I can train your staff how to get started with blogs and blogging.

Whether you need to know how to set up a blog or just what sort of content to write in your blog, I  can help you.

Set up a class blog, so you can communicate important messages with your students?

Or create a Revision Blog with relevant information about your subject to help with exams.

I am  fully conversant with various blogging techniques from the Learning Platform to commercial blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, ethink, or edublogs.  In addition to this we have lots of knowledge about how to safely use micro blogging platforms such as Twitter and other Social Networking tools.

I can help you integrate the blogs into your classroom practise.


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