iPod Touch in Schools

iPod Touch in Schools

Put your school at the forefront of Handheld learning.  iPods Touches are fantastic learning devices. They are small, lightweight and portable, so you can have one or many sets in your school and easily share them between classrooms.

Children simply love using the iPod Touch,Many of them will own such a device, or certainly come into contact with a similar devices, such as an iPhone, or Android device.

There are literally thousands of educational apps that can help schools to deliver their curriculum in new, fun and exciting ways.

iPod Touches can be allocated to students as a mini planner in their pocket.  Calendars and mail apps can be synced, saving literally thousands of pounds in Paper and Administration costs.

Like iPads, the Touch is great for teaching. Using some of the dedicated Teaching apps you can set class polls, demonstrate techniques and share websites and photos with the whole class easily.

The iPod Touches are simple to deploy and manage, they have great security features making them safe to use in class and simple for teachers to customise.

Stoke Learning Services have three sets of iPod Touches which are available for loan. We will come and work with your staff to ensure that you have the best start and ongoing support with the devices.


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