I can offer training in a wide range of software and hardware. If you are interesting in training please see the software list below and contact me to arrange a date.

Animation Workshops

I will visit your school and show teachers and pupils how to create simple stop frame animations . Teachers will be using Animation software to capture the action and then we will edit the footage using video editing software. At the end of the session media will be made available to the school though a DVD or webclips.


Blogs and Blogging
How to communicate with pupils, staff and the outside world. Showcase your good work by writing all that you do on your weblog.  Post homework and lesson plans and notify users of forthcoming events.

I Organise Training

I organise training for teachers, Schools, parents and technicians.

Adobe Creative suite Training

  • An introduction to web development using Dreamweaver software to enable students to meet the criteria of I.T Diploma modules.
  • An introduction to ‘Macromedia Fireworks’, learn the basic functions of the package to create graphics for web and print and allowing you to meet the criteria for I.T Diploma modules.
  • Adobe Photoshop Training. This session introduces students to the Photoshop & Photoshop Elements interfaces, and how to edit images for web and print.

Digital Music in the Classroom
Teachers will use Garageband and iTunes, enabling them to create, record and perform their own music with drag and drop simplicity.

Digital Storytelling
Teachers and pupils will learn to import, organise, edit and share digital photos. Make a slideshow using iPhoto, or Keynote
Digital storytelling in the Curriculum makes use of image editing and sound recording.

Digital Video in the classroom
Teachers will learn to create useful educational movies use cinematic titles, audio tools, video effects and then learn share them in a video podcast, web video or DVD.

e safety for parents

Today, there are many ways that your children can get online.  Do you know how they are connected, who to and why?  This simple 1/2 day session puts parents in touch with the ways our children are accessing the Internet, and looks at simple ways to ensure their online safety.

Kar2ouche Training
Using Kar2ouche software from Immersive Education,  I introduce teachers or students to the suite of software for primary, middle and Secondary Schools. Position and control 3d characters to illustrate your story, whilst recording a unique soundtrack.

Kar2ouche Training

Kar2ouche Training

Podcasting Training
This is a course for any teacher who wants to know more about the Podcasting in schools. I will visit your school and deliver instruction on how to create a good podcast. You will learn how Podcasts can enhance your existing scheme of work.


Comics in the Classroom
Teachers will love using this stunningly simple program called Comic Life, which allows pupils to use photos and drawing to create a unique Comic strip/Poster presentation using photographs or drawn images.

Comic Creation is a great way to engage students


Mission Maker training
Introduction to Mission Maker. This exciting software which lets students rapidly create visually rich 3D worlds for “first person” adventure ‘Missions’, complete with sets, animated characters, simple dialogue and music.


Teachers Media Immersion Day
A whole day of multimedia where I will take your teaching staff  through an amazing multimedia journey. We will look at the iLife suite.  Covering topics such as digital photography, digital video, audio and simple website creation.

I have worked with High Schools to deliver Training on the DiDA course from edexel.  I can train Students in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Digital Imaging, Digital Video and Game Making using products such as Gamemaker and Mission Maker.




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